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Animal Knowing - Peace River

They know the secrets

Bears tread the fresh grass from time to time,

Slowly breathing their time on earth,

On the human nation –on a place that time ago was their own–,

Dreaming on human kids playing the same ball game

Through the ages,

Dreaming on Kids yelling and crossing the old bridge to find the ball field

While growing up and getting anxious about dating,

About sex, about death, about leaving the town

and about came back To Peace River

to find a last minute of peace from their mistakes,

-from the little deaths they suffered

since the last ball get lost in the river,

when they were just 13-.

Bears walk through Peace River ball field

As wise fur-covered Freuds,

Unweaving the memories of every town people

And playing with their traumas as cubs

Training his paws on a bloody deer corpse.

The bears Know it all,

They know the secrets,

The deep grain of a small town by the woods.

They know the machinery,

They know the fear, the dispair,

That led the waitress at the bar

To write notes at the back of customers’ bills,

Even if they´re indifferent and only interested

On fucking her

And unhear his angel voice.

They know it all,

But agreed in their own not to tell,

Keeping this knowing season after season,

Passing it sibling to sibling,

Mother to cub,

Until the earth keep for her self

The secret sculpted in their bones.

They know it all,

That´s why Peace River Bears pretend to be mute,

Walking through the ball field as chasing a lost smell,

Pretending to chase the course of the air.

Juan Carlos Montero Vallejo

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